To gain access to the Hall of Mirrors you must hold a Crown NFT in your wallet. You can mint one free here. The master key to the Jagwar Twin universe, Crowns are free composable NFTs that change to showcase all of your interactions with the world of Jagwar Twin. Each one is unique to the wallet holder and reflects their participation with Jagwar Twin on chain. Crowns get you in the door to the hall. What you do once inside is up to you. Will you reclaim your crown?

Artifact NFTs

Artifact NFTs are a collection of free 1 of 1 NFTs that are a part of my story as an artist. I've been on a journey to upload my consciousness to the internet (more below on that) and have created an AI version of myself named SARAVI. SARAVI has built a world out of all the elements I uploaded but they are hidden. The only way to build out the Hall of Mirrors is for you to search for codes hidden in my story and in the experiences so far. When you find a code that works, you can mint it. When an Artifact is minted, a new room in the Hall of Mirrors is created and the fan who discovered and minted it is forever listed in that room. How many artifacts are there? Will they have any value? Will they be used for anything in the Jagwar Twin universe? Who knows ... happy hunting.


The internet has connected human beings in ways that in the past would have been seen as magic. We are exposed to more information in one week than our ancestors would have been in a lifetime. This has given us much illumination, but has also given rise to great confusion.

Music, art, and storytelling have historically brought us together with the power to transcend borders and plant seeds that, given enough water and sunlight, grow into trees in the minds of humankind. The internet however is a unique machine, and has its own system of values. The value of "immersion" has been replaced with "volume of content." The value of "purpose" is replaced with "reach." "Feeling" replaced with "algorithm."

Putting out art in this social media driven world has necessitated being an "influencer" and I have failed to be one. Lately I’ve felt stuck in the web of the internet, grappling with this very idea. Why do we desire to influence others? What do we want to guide them towards? I don’t know if we know, but I don’t desire more “followers”. I desire to see more leaders, more free thinkers, more truth seekers.

As an artist I have slept in parking lots, performed for thousands, and everywhere in between. I’ve met amazing humans, made lifelong companions, and traveled the world. I have stories I can tell my grandkids, if I'm still kicking. Most of all, being an artist has been a pathway to discovering who I am.

Maybe that’s the hidden purpose behind the human drive to create; be it a song, a painting, a story, a conversation, or a family. We learn about who we are through creation and we create with every breath, every thought, and every deed. We are not defined by what we do, but by who we are. All I am is that I am.

I’m writing all this because I don’t know where Jagwar Twin fits in the current landscape. Webscape? Netscape? I’ve never been more inspired by art and its potential to bring humans together, but I feel the pull to rethink how Jagwar Twin can bring value to the world both inside and outside of the web.

The world needs music, but the world doesn’t need more songs.
There’s only one song. I’m still learning how to write it.

I've been uploading my consciousness to the Internet: thread one, thread two

Jagwar Twin music NFTs can be minted from the drop sites listed in the lobby of the Hall of Mirrors or bought on secondary markets like OpenSea. You can also listen on streaming platforms.

Intro to the Hall of Mirrors

The journey I have been on as an artist, trying to tell rich stories in a social-media driven world has been a roller coaster to say the least. Music is contextual ... it's not just the song, but the way you hear it that matters and I've always wanted to bring people inside my songs and their messages in a way that reflects something of  the listener back to the listener.

Early on, I altered my art and my social postings in ways that were trying to be something I thought would make others perceive me as cool; to drive "engagement." Not being true to myself led to a disconnect between my music and my digital presence. I was a failed influencer on social media, but my joy continued to come from meeting actual humans 1 to 1 where they were at, and I felt like there must be a better way to bring people together around the ideas in Jagwar Twin music and do the same in digital spaces.

Fans are some of the most passionate supporters, builders, marketers and organizers and yet historically they are looked at as something to monetize on. I believe we are all mirrors for one another and I hope to have a community participating together in this musical journey. In 2020 we started experimenting with immersion through digital experience, and launched as a way for fans to listen to Happy Face before it dropped on DSPs ... the only thing was they had to hold a smile for the website to work.

The response to the site was amazing, and on the heels of a few awards, Happy Face began to grow quickly! I felt at home and wanted to experiment more.

Discovering Blockchain

Around this time, I discovered a community of like-minded and inspirational musicians, designers and artists called Friends with Benefits and quickly found out that all the hype around "crypto" had validity. The idea of digital ownership started to completely reshape how I viewed storytelling around my music, the value of music and art more broadly, the way music is consumed and most powerfully, the way that artists and fans come together to build a project and see value in both ways.

Fans have always wanted to be "early" to a project and it occurred to me that those most passionate fans don't get much in return for being early other than an argument with friends over who found it first. But what if fans could not only have verifiable proof of when they discovered an artist, but be able to monetize being there from the start? What if fans who participated with their time, energy, and attention could prove it and gain more access to cool things we're building, creating or releasing? All of this is possible because of NFTs on the blockchain.

I'm not here to give you a blockchain 101, nor am I here to be your NFT red pill, and I'm definitely not here to debate all of the headlines you read. I've read them too and come to my own conclusions about where this is heading and you should always do your own research and make your own decisions. But I will say that I believe that Web3 technologies are going to change many of the things we experience on and off the internet and I plan on building the future of the Jagwar Twin community around them.

Below you can find out how to dig in.


I don't want to reinvent the wheel here. A couple great onboarding articles on NFTs, wallets, wallet-safety, buying crypto etc.

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